Intent of the Blog


I used to have a Wordpress blog that I found awkward to maintain, that was infested by Russian bots, and was beyond my ability to format. It is my hope that this resurrected blog newly incorporated into my website platform will not suffer from those deficiencies.

I have several goals.

I'll offer tips on various topics, from shooting to software and hardware. I'll also recount stories and observations about travels, people, and issues that attract my attention.

I've produced over 20 books and am working on several more in a desultory manner. Blog readers will be subjected to rough draft paragraphs that may eventually make their way to publication after some editorial nipping and tucking.

I'll aim to focus more than 50% on photography and travel. The rest will wander through history, literature, politics, philosophy, religion, art, philosophy, In other words, whatever interests me. I will also create subsidiary blogs for my projects.