I took off the tie in 1989. My wife and I headed to SE Asia for the first time with a Pentax 6x7 and full-sized tripod in tow, visiting orangutans and climbing Mt Kinabalu in Borneo, photographing Komodo Dragons on Komodo, exploring the ricefields and temples of Bali, and marinating in our own sweat in Thailand. Since then I've pinballed around the world leading photo tours for Joseph Van Os, Phase One, and others and looking for the most interesting and beautiful places and peoples on the planet on my personal trips.

So far I've managed to produce more that 20 books. These include Masters of Disguise: a natural history of chameleons (the first natural history of the genus in English so far as I know) with Art Wolfe and a children's book on the same topic, Dragons in the Trees, that won the Burroughs Award for Science books. More children's books followed. I completed three books on the mountains of the American West- The North Cascades, Mount Rainier, and Sierra- for Sasquatch press, later reissued by Mountaineer books. Mark Twight and I collaborated on Extreme Alpinism while Jennifer Wu and I wrote Photography Night Sky, one of the earliest volumes on photographing the stars. Writing the three editions of Photography Outdoors were as useful to me as to my readers, I'm sure. Books in progress can be found in Projects.